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Website Design & Development

Lawpedia Bangladesh offers the best Law Firm Website Design and Development at the least cost.

Sole Practitioner



Law Pedia Bangladesh knows how difficult it is to run an Individual law practice while you are a starter. We run a virtual campaign for branding on behalf of you. We manage such an extraordinary online custom plan and execution which is really business friendly for an Individual practitioner. We offer effective standard quality website design for individual which is adaptable and business friendly. Your wish is our commitment, explore us, and discover a new power.

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Start-up Firm



A developing law firm needs online presence emphatically to grow new clients and generate revenue. To build brand image and stay connected 24/7 puts significance. Working with Start-up law firm gives us experience and confidence to offer you a custom website design with which your firm will be recognizable with unique identity. Your services will be more clarified while we develop contents to present them impressively. Our Approach is Special Service for Special People, Special People like You.

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Standard Firm



Having years of experiences in BPO and empirical knowledge of legal sector we know that large firms require highly advanced and dynamic website, much room to put details of their specialized sections of services, arrangements of law directories, reputable winning case histories to achieve credibility- reliability. We will show you the way you can handle your contents and website as it is convenient to you with higher proficiency.

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Our association and affiliation with Bar Association & Organization lets us build a virtual platform and find the expected result. Probably it will develop proactivity among Bar Members and Judicial Activism. An advance website may help you more with new functions like online community development, Legal Job Posting, rich blogs, law news, directories of lawyers. Your every need will be served attentively and accurately.

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Branding Solution

A good brand brings more value to your profession. We can help you to build your legal brand. Lawpedia Bangladesh’s branding solutions are

Law Firm Logo & Business Card Design



Logo and website design are well adjusted but finer to look- impressive to present your practice. Our team consist of members educated in law, have practical knowledge of the legal system of Bangladesh and have the equipment to deliver you the best solution for developing an appropriate Logo for you.

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Social Media Branding



The rise of the web and the increase in smartphone accessibility have deeply transformed a brand-consumer relationship now defined by a world that’s constantly connected. Social media networks have therefore become a key leveraging point for economic growth. Lawpedia Bangladesh offers you the appropriate and effective social media branding and management solution for you.

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SEO strategies have changed a lot over the past few years. With such a large focus now on attracting high quality brand mentions it requires getting other websites to talk about you. Creating this buzz requires a PR approach, and one could even argue that PR needs to be part of the “new” search engine optimization era. Lawpedia offers you SEO and Public Relation service with appropriate tools and mechanism

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Bulk SMS & Bulk Email



Bulk SMS is considered to be a specific edge with which technologies empowers you to maintain an effective communication tools with everyone concerned without affecting your busy schedule. With our enhanced Bulk SMS service and E-mail services we seek to provide you with cutting edge web assistance. So far we have catered our client friendly services to a bevy of corporate giants, small as well as medium scale business entities and Public at large.

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Complete Management Solution

To save valuable time & money, avoid complications and unwanted problems, there is no alternative but develop a modern IT enabled management system for Law Firms.

Case Pedia



CasePedia is an underdeveloped intuitive, Law Chamber/Firm management solution that will allow you to focus on the creative, problem-solving aspects of your work. It’s designed by lawyers for lawyers with a user- friendly interface that will allow you to:
*Keep yourself updated always & all the ways
* Take control of your calendar & appointment
* Share various documents and so on.

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IT Training & Consultancy



Keeping in mind the importance of IT-enabled Legal service, we are here to provide professional IT training & Consultancy to lawyer, law clerk and everyone concerned.

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Case Search



Are you still finding it difficult and annoying to search the online Cause List of Various courts including the Supreme Court of Bangladesh? Aren’t you spending too much for it and still looking for smart solution? Here Lawpedia comes at your assistance with its Case Search App that will allow you to search and find the desired and actual result on go mode. With the App you will find it handy and smart to find any case status anytime from anywhere with your smart phone, Android and iOS.

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Law Firm Interior Design



The practice of law is undergoing a fundamental transformation in the way legal work is acquired and done. The law office should be smaller, flexible, more collaborative, and technology enabled. The real key is building flexibility into a workplace from the start – today – so that the legal workplace can easily adapt to, and support, the needs and workstyles of the firm in the future. Lawpedia is here to provide you with appropriate and timely needed solution for designing and re-designing your law firm/chamber/office in the most convenient way.

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