About us

Who We Are

We’re Lawyers. We’re Pioneers. We’re innovators. We’re Web Developer. We are LawPedia in Bangladesh. Lawpedia Bangladesh was founded on July 03, 2015 with the aspiration to facilitate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the legal sector of Bangladesh and contribute to the modernization of law practice, legal research, law study &judicial activism by connecting the two end i.e. Law & ICT. The team of Lawpedia Bangladesh consists of Law Expert and IT Professionals. With years of empirical experience in BPO, ICT and Legal Sector along with affiliation with W3space Technologies, we are working with the theme ‘Lets Redefine the Practice of Law’, and offering the most appropriate, effective and professional ICT services for specialized people engaged in the legal arena of Bangladesh. Lawpedia believes that ‘Practicing Law is not just a business but a Profession with Passion to Serve the Nation’. So, we welcome you to engage yourself in this endeavor and become a justice crusader to establish and ensure Rule of Law in Bangladesh.


Our Mission & Vission

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Our Mission: Our Mission is to enhance the system of justice, to support the law professionals who serve it and to assist the community served by it.

Our Vision is to work as a bridge and a medium in order to create a common and shared platform for Judges, Law Practitioners and all other concerned with the view to facilitate Justice and Rule of Law in Bangladesh. We are here to provide our clients with skilled IT Service & Consultancy in a timely and efficient manner. Lawpedia Bangladesh is offering trusted consultancy and first-rate service in all avenues and aspects of a client’s personal and business life.

Our Team

  • Mahbub Alam
  • Jahid Hasan Asif
  • Muntasir Mamun
  • Mehdi Hasan
  • Ishrat Jahan Eva
  • Sukanta Parthib